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Tool Kit

This Tool Kit contains resources to help plan Alliance for Response Forums, work with emergency responders, identify allies in your community, and help sustain local disaster networks. Find program templates, essential contacts, project ideas, and funding sources.



Distribute these materials to Forum planning committee members, potential funders, and anyone else who will help sustain an Alliance for Response network.

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Listen to advice from past Forum planners and emergency management professionals on successful Forum planning, engaging and involving emergency responders, sustaining cooperative networks, and obtaining funding for preparedness activities.

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In addition to inviting leaders of cultural institutions to the Forum, make sure also to invite:

  • Your local fire chief, fire marshal, and fire station captains.
  • Local emergency management coordinator, police chief, and mayor.
  • Leaders of your regional and/or state archive, emergency management, historic preservation, library, and museum associations.

Inform the offices and associations linked to below about your efforts. They might have suggestions for speakers or invitees and could be involved in follow-up efforts.

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Refer to this glossary to learn the language of emergency management so you can communicate more effectively when recruiting Forum speakers and participants.

  • Glossary from Department of Homeland Security National Response Framework

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Forum invitations, thank-you letters, agendas, discussion questions, and other documents created for past Alliance for Response Forums are available as Microsoft Word templates that you can edit to fit your needs.

The Alliance for Response logo is available as a gif (76 KB) and a tiff (3 MB).

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Alliance for Response communities around the country are sustaining cooperative networks by holding regular workshops, training, or informal gatherings. Visit each community’s Past Events Web space to see what they’ve been doing.

Check to see if there is an Alliance for Response or other cooperative network in your area.

Get some ideas for projects or activities your network can sponsor…

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Consider these funding sources as avenues of support for ongoing preparedness and planning activities.

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