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Conservation Assessment Program: ReCAP

Museums previously awarded an IMLS – funded conservation assessment may be eligible to update their CAP report if seven years have passed since the original assessment. By participating in ReCAP, your museum will receive a new conservation assessment to identify new collections care priorities and goals.

Does your museum need to update its assessment? The needs of museums vary; however, you might want to consider ReCAP if your museum:

Applicants are required to report on their preservation efforts and the need for a new assessment in the ReCAP Supplement portion of the application. We suggest you consult your institution's original CAP report when filling out the ReCAP Supplement. If you cannot locate your previous CAP report, CAP staff can retrieve your report from storage for a fee of $30. If you have any questions regarding CAP, please contact CAP staff.

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Museums that have grown too large to be assessed within two days are not eligible. Museums who wish to have a partial or detailed object assessment should apply for a Museums for America (MFA) grant. For more information about the MFA program, visit or contact the Office of Museum Services at 202-653-4789.

Click here to download the ReCAP Supplement from the Sample Application.