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The Conservation
Assessment Program

Since 1990, CAP has assisted nearly 3,000 museums, historic homes and sites, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, botanical gardens, and arboreta better care for their collections. CAP is a non-competitive technical assistance program that provides a general conservation assessment of your museum's collections, environmental conditions, and site. Conservation priorities are identified by professionals who spend two days on-site and three days writing a final report.

Stay tuned for more information on 25th anniversary submission winners AND 2015 program awardees!

The Conservation Assessment Program is supported through a generous cooperative agreement with the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


The Impact of CAP
CAP is often the impetus for dramatic change within an institution. Below are images of the the General Lew Wallace Museum and Study's (GLWMS) flood-prone basement and attic before and after the museum's 2004 CAP assessment.

The museum, located in in Crawfordsville, Indiana, was successful in obtaining funding to purchase new archival shelving following its participation in CAP. Success in obtaining other grants led to the Carriage House Rehabilitation Project, which converted attic space into archival storage and allowed the Museum to additional climated controlled collections storage.