Heritage Health Index Full Report

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Download the compiled report (3.2 MB PDF) here, or download chapters below:

Introduction and Acknowledgements and Executive Summary (204 KB PDF)

Chapter 1: Heritage Health Index Development (76 KB PDF)

Chapter 2: Methodology (100 KB PDF)

Chapter 3: Characteristics of Collecting Institutions in the United States (292 KB PDF)

Chapter 4: Condition of Collections (856 KB PDF)

Chapter 5: Collections Environment (300 KB PDF)

Chapter 6: Collections Storage (160 KB PDF)

Chapter 7: Emergency Planning and Security (304 KB PDF)

Chapter 8: Preservation Staffing and Activities (360 KB PDF)

Chapter 9: Preservation Expenditures and Funding (300 KB PDF)

Chapter 10: Intellectual Control and Assessment (340 KB PDF)


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Updated March 2006

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