Heritage Preservation is pleased to announce a follow-up to the 2004 Heritage Health Index. At the 10-year anniversary of that watershed report, Heritage Preservation has partnered with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Endowment for the Humanities, together with support from foundations, to conduct the Heritage Health Information 2014 (HHI) to assess the current state of cultural heritage collections in 2014 and the change in preservation practices in U.S. institutions since the initial study.

Thank you to those who completed HHI 2014!

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Interested in helping us promote HHI 2014? Use the below media kit to learn more about HHI 2014 and ways in which you can help us publicize this critical initiative.

HHI 2014 Media Kit (749 KB, full kit)
Inside you'll find: and introduction to HHI 2014, a snapshot of the project, suggested promotional activities, a flyer, a sample news story (click for a .docx version), and the impact of the 2004 survey.

HHI 2014 Logo (704 KB)

Information on the 2004 survey can still be found on the menu to the left as well as here. This information will be updated once new data is available.