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If Sculptures Could Talk . . .

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By Frederick George Richard Roth, 1872 - 1944
Located: Central Park
New York, New York

This life-sized sculpture is New York's only statue commemorating a dog. Balto was a husky who, in the winter of 1925, led a dogsled team through a blizzard to get desperately needed medicine to Nome, Alaska where there was a fatal diptheria epidemic. Children in New York love touching and petting this sculpture so much that areas of the nose, face and paws are worn and shiney.

Frederick Roth was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1872. He studied sculpture in Europe and became New York's favorite animal sculptor of his time. He created many different types of animals in different materials and styles. Many of his animal sculptures can be seen in the Central Park Zoo and throughout Central Park, New York.


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