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If Sculptures Could Talk . . .

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Police and Dog Attack


By James Drake, 1946 -
Located: Kelly Ingram Park
Birmingham, Alabama

Police and Dog Attack is one of three sculptures designed by James Drake for Kelly Ingram Park in the Civil Rights District in Birmingham, Alabama. Many important events in the civil rights movement happened in Birmingham. The three sculptures depict events from the May 1963 civil rights demonstrations in Alabama: the Children's March where thousands of children joined the demonstrations and were arrested, and the use of fire hoses and German Shepherd police dogs to discourage the demonstrators. When the viewer walks through the park, he or she walks through the sculptures and feels like a part of the event.

James Drake was born in Lubbock, Texas, and spent much of his youth in Guatemala. Many of his artworks suggest interaction between the subject of the sculpture and the viewer. Drake's sculptures also penetrate into the viewer's personal space.


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