Preparing to Preserve:
An Action Plan to Integrate Historic Preservation into Tribal, State, and Local Emergency Management Plans

The Preparing to Preserve Action Plan identifies a number of opportunities and recommendations for integrating historic preservation concerns into emergency management systems, primarily at the state and local level. It provides short-, mid-, and long-term action items to move forward the recommendations. Preparing to Preserve includes two handy flyers for wide distribution: an Emergency Planning Model Checklist for Historic Preservation, and a 1-2-3 Guide to Building Relationships with Emergency Officials.

Preparing to Preserve is directed to historic preservationists including Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, State Historic Preservation Officers, statewide preservation organizations, Heritage Areas, local non-profit preservation organizations, historic district commission staff and commissioners, and Main Street managers. It also encourages emergency management officials at all levels to include historic resources in preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery plans. By working together, emergency management and preservation professionals can protect the built environment, expedite recovery efforts, and ensure that historic landmarks survive disasters.


Preparing to Preserve is part of Preserve America, a federal program that encourages and supports community efforts to safeguard our nation’s priceless cultural and natural heritage. Preparing to Preserve was funded through a grant from the Department of the Interior and directed by Heritage Preservation, Inc., and a Technical Advisory Committee.

Preparing to Preserve Action Plan and Flyers