Risk Evaluation and Planning Program

Heritage Preservation is pleased to share the results, lessons learned, and tools from the pilot Risk Evaluation and Planning Program (REPP).

The Risk Evaluation and Planning Program was piloted in 2008-2009 by Heritage Preservation to demonstrate whether a risk evaluation by a team of preservation and emergency professionals, supplemented by practical recommendations and resources, can lead to preparedness at cultural institutions.

Result: it does!

Many other lessons were learned from the project as well. These lessons, plus resources to aid cultural institutions in carrying out a risk evaluation—the very important first step in emergency planning—are now available.

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To make the best use of the REPP resources, review these descriptions of what you’ll find on the REPP pages:

The REPP pilot helped participating institutions make great strides in emergency preparedness. It also revealed some lessons that apply to all cultural heritage institutions. Visit “Pilot Results” to see what was achieved and what lessons can be put into practice today.
Tips and Tools Button Heritage Preservation developed several tools to standardize the risk evaluation process and provide project participants with planning guidelines. Visit “Tools & Tips” to gain access to these free resources.
About REPP Button Visit “About REPP” for background information on how the pilot project was implemented and who was involved.
Project News Button REPP made the news in pilot states, and Heritage Preservation published articles throughout the pilot phase of the project. Visit “Project News” for access to articles and updates.
Contact Us Button Heritage Preservation welcomes feedback on REPP results and tools. Visit “Contact Us” for ways to share your thoughts or ask questions.
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The Risk Evaluation and Planning Program was developed by Heritage Preservation and funded with a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.