Field Guide to Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, what will you do?

What actually happens may be very different from what you expect. Even with a plan, you'll need clear and practical advice to help you with initial response and salvage steps. You need the Field Guide!

  • Follow step-by-step instructions tailored to the scope of your emergency: what to do first, whom to call, how to prevent further damage.
  • Form a response team to deal with multiple tasks: working with emergency responders, assessing and documenting damage, ensuring health and safety of staff, and setting up a salvage operation.
  • Stabilize your collections with advice from professionals on handing the most common types of damage from water, mold, corrosion, pests, and other threats. A companion DVD shows you how! See previews of the DVD.
  • Customize handy checklists for your institution and find vital conservation resources.

Don't let your emergency turn into a disasteróreach for the Field Guide!

The Society of American Archivists has honored the Field Guide with its 2006 Preservation Publication Award. See what other people are saying about it.

See the Table of Contents†and download the tabs and forms.

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