Finding a Conservator

Many times, collections care and maintenance requires the help and direction of a professional conservator. A conservator can diagnose problems, provide treatment when necessary, prescribe a maintenance plan and advise on proper conditions for display and storage of objects and collections. You should select a conservator in the same way you would choose a doctor, lawyer, or any other professional:
  • Make sure the conservator’s training and area of expertise are appropriate for your needs.
  • Check references.
  • Ask questions.
Conservation Services Referral System
The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) Conservation Services Referral System can help you in your search for the right conservation professional. Contact the Conservation Referral System at the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) at 202-452-9545. AIC also offers a free brochure, “Guidelines for Selecting a Conservator.”

Click here for AIC’s resources on the Web.


Regional Conservation Centers
There are 13 Regional Conservation Centers across the country that offer assistance to museums and collecting institutions. For more information on Regional Conservation Centers, contact the Association of Regional Conservation Centers at 508-470-1010.
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