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How to Look at Sculpture

If sculptures could talk . . .
Do you think the sculptures look small? To make them bigger click on a sculpture and you'll see an enlarged picture. You will also find interesting information about the sculpture.
Do you see what eyeball see?
What does a sculpture "say" to you? Click on one of the sculptures and write down 5 words to describe what you see. What do your eyes see? What does your mind think or heart feel? Use a pen and paper to make a list or E-MAIL your list to SOS!

Now, invite a friend to look at the same sculpture and write down 5 words of their own. Or use the SOS! 5 WORD EXERICISE to compare your words with other people. In looking at the two lists, compare the words. How many words are the same or different? Some words will not be the same, but will be synonymous. Other words will be very different. Can you think of other ways in which we see things differently?

Try the 5 WORD EXERCISE with some of the other sculptures. Again compare your words with a friend or the SOS!5 WORD EXERCISE.

What you see may not be what someone else sees. We all see in different ways. This is what makes it fun to look at sculpture. Just as you and your friends may or may not like the same movies, music, or books, not everyone has to see, think, or feel the same way about outdoor sculpture.



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