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Rescue Public Murals, based at the national nonprofit organization Heritage Preservation, seeks to bring public attention to U.S. murals, document their unique artistic and historic contributions, and secure the expertise and support to save them. Donations to support our efforts may be made here.

Mural Update

In late 2013, Heritage Preservation launched Mural Creation Best Practices. Based on conversations and brainstorming sessions with muralists, conservators, art historians, arts administrators, materials scientists, and engineers, Heritage Preservation documented best practices for mural creation and presented those recommendations, along with resources, here.

photo3Rescue Public Murals mourns the passing of William Walker who is credited with launching the U.S. community mural movement with his 1967 mural, Wall of Respect (South Langley Avenue and East 43rd Street, Chicago, destroyed 1971). In 1970, Walker, co founded the Chicago Mural Group, which continues today as the Chicago Public Art Group. CPAG is working today to preserve Walker’s mural All of Mankind (1973, 617 West Evergreen Avenue, Chicago).

photo1In Minneapolis, the Peace House Mosaic by Angela Carlson Talle (2004, 510 E. Franklin Avenue) is slated to be destroyed when the house is razed for new development. Community members are raising funds to relocate or recreate the mural. For more information or to join the preservation effort contact Madeline Douglass.

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